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Back Story: Aspen Glow:  

I have sold quite a few Aspen Glow paintings.  The back story behind one of them is kind of a funny/spooky one.

My husband and I were in Aspen for a weekend get away.  We drove along a windy road lined with glowing, gorgeous Aspen trees. I asked him to pull over so I could get out and take photos.  He stayed in the car, and I walked around taking photos for references.  After about 10 minutes Mike showed up in the car, rolled down the window and said, "Jay! Get in the car!"  I couldn't figure out what it was.  "Okay, just give me a minute."

"No, get in the car right now!" So I did, and he sped away.  "What is it?" I asked.  "This is so creepy...someone has taking dozens of naked baby dolls and pinned them to the tree trunks with knives, with a sign, 'Stay away, No Trespassing!'"  I told him I had to see it for myself.  So he drove me back there and sure enough it was true.    

Shimmering Forest

This  piece is best viewed in person.  Most art is! 

I was at an art fair recently on a hot day.  A man in his 60s came by and spoke with my husband a long time.  Later his wife and daughter came by and looked at several of my pieces.  They loved this one. 

They continued to shop the fair.  When the man left my husband told me that his wife was terminally ill. They recently moved here to be near their daughter for his wife's last days.  She came to the fair looking for a gift for her daughter.  

Shortly before the day was over the man came back and bought Shimmering Forest. It was later I realized that perhaps it was a going away present to be remembered by. Sniff

Stay Tuned, there are more to come!

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