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IMG_1339booth_edited.jpg Art Festival Booth

Hi, I'm Jay Norris. I'm an acrylic artist from Castle Rock, Colorado. I paint to celebrate the beauty, people, and lifestyle of Colorado! I grew up in the Intermountain West where I became an avid lover of the mountains, hiking, skiing and photography.  

I enjoyed taking private painting lessons from a local Colorado artist, and also have studied at art studios, community colleges and most recently Florence, Italy at Academia Riaci and the Firenze Academia D'Arte.  


 I've been honored to participate in local, national, and international exhibits as well as several juried art festivals in Colorado.  I love meeting people from all over the world at art festivals and have enjoyed being connected to the Colorado art community.  I love Colorado and enjoy exploring this great state with my growing family.

You can learn more on my Jay Norris Art LinkedIn profile. 

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